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An oldie rescued from a DJ set I had from 2009, all project files were on my stolen laptop, so this is all I can do except remake the whole thing. (Not gonna happen). I also forgot I was moving to Apple Lossless because I hate the new iTunes and no longer use it, so back to FLAC if you really want them in Apple Lossless then email or Facebook (don't forget to subscribe and comment) :-)

Hop on over to the Mashups page to Lick George Michael's Informer's Bum Bum Down.


As promised, plenty of digital pocket flint to get rid of; this ones be sitting around since 2007 , I'm also moving from FLAC to Apple Lossless, if you have any complaints or comments let me know by email or Facebook (don't forget to subscribe and comment), or YouTube (don't forget to subscribe and comment)! :-)

Lossless or mp3


OK. Only took 4 years to get back here, plenty of digital pocket flint to get rid of starting with "this monstrosity" Sitting on it for years.


Having done bugger all with the site for 3-4 years, there's gonna be a shed load of new old mashups coming your way, and a few full length DJ sets... it was such a pleasure last summer to get people breakdancing to S-Club I figured I should get uploading again. Head over to the Mashups page for a bit of Beyoncé and The Jackson 5 for starters.

...and by the way, although you can still become a friend at myspace, don't bother subscribing to the blog, because having been made to take myspace's copyright breaching training I can't upload anymore tracks without being kicked off, (and I can't be arsed to either coz myspace a pile of poo anyway). You can however still join the mailing list, and join the Facebook page to keep updated with uploads and gig information.


Bingo Starr's alter ego Bug Compass' remix of Slovo's "The One" was released on September 3rd 2007 as part of a Limited Edition CD, 12" Vinyl and Download.

The One - CD Cover   The One - CD Cover

For more info and to purchase, click here. Downloads available from iTunes, Juno Download, E-music, Beatport and many others.


A new one... well an old one I gave up trying to finish - hence the lame "DJ friendly" outro! "Breaking My Flute" - The Killers vs Herbie Mann. Check out the Mashups page.


Another old one... "Bachelor Pad Love Shack" - The B52s vs Fantastic Plastic Machine. Check out the Mashups page.


One more old one... Check out the Mashups page.

"Milkshacdc". That'll be... AC/DC vs Kelis. I know obvious and unadventurous... AC/DC just loops behind it, but I did it ages ago and some people love it, so there you go!

Also... "Jumpin' Jumpin'" (Destiny's Child vs Queens Of The Stoneage) has been remastered. If you downloaded this track before, delete it and download it again! :-)


Two oldies uploaded to the Mashups page.

"Regimented Work Out" and "Destineeees Child". Both got Beyonce in 'em, but it's a coincidence... they were done at least a year apart from each other.


Try again... no frames or scrollbars.

Please, please, please... if you notice anything odd in the way the site's displayed, let me know! :)


Having discovered that internet explorer on windows doesn't comply with the rules of the W3C, the site has been re-coded so that people using that bastard browser can use the site. Please, please, please... if you notice anything odd in the way the site's displayed, let me know! :)

I've also tried to colour the scrollbar but can't check it on my mac... how's it look?


More old and new mashups added to the Mashups page and finally two remixes uploaded to the Remixes page:

"GrandMowgliFlash", "Spice Up Your Stripes", "Only (Bingo Starr's JB Mashup Mix)", "Horny As In A Morning Sunrise", "Where Is Your Jive Selecta?", "Bjúm", the "Rebel Bird" remix of David Holmes & The Free Association's "La Dolce Vita" and the "Slam In The Lamb" remix of Lamb's "Stronger".

You can read Andy from Lamb's review of the Lamb remix on their website.


Two more old mashups added to the Mashups page. "Jumpin' Jumpin'" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Blonder". Enjoy...


"Bingo Starr! Presents... Back Door Beauty?" flacs now online at the Mixes page. :-)


Uploaded "Bingo Starr! Presents... Back Door Beauty?" as mp3 (along with the artwork) to the Mixes page. The flac files will follow next week. The tracklist is there if you scroll down. All old stuff - oldies but goodies!

Bingo Starr! is also at MySpace. The blog will be updated sooner than this will, so if you wanna be really up-to-date then come and be a friend.


Slowly getting the site on-line. Uploaded some files to the Mashups page. More to follow. Will be uploading "Bingo Starr Presents... Back Door Beauty?" to the mixes page shortly. Wanna be updated? then join the mailing list!


Finished rewriting the site without tables. All stylesheets and divs.


Finished building the Templates and original artwork for the site. Starting to compile a list of old mashups to add to the site and deciding which mashups to remaster that were only created as part of Back Door Beauty?