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Lick Ur Bum Bum Down

Only had this in the middle of a DJ set in mp3 format, as the original project from 2009 was on my stolen MacBook Pro. Shame as the levels, EQ and compression weren't complete, but wanted to put it in the set at the time in a rush, so this is all I have left of it. Enjoy going outside and licking George Michael's informer's bum bum down! FLAC is best therefore and for once the mp3 is at 320 rather than 192 to try and keep the quality.

George Michael - Outside vs Snow - Informer vs Pierre Henry - Psyché Rock.

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An oldie hiding away since 2007 with a few little tweaks!

The Jackson 5 - ABC vs Justice - D.A.N.C.E vs Michael Jackson - Thriller vs The Prodigy - The Way It Is vsThe Jackson 5 - I Want You Back vs New Edition - Candy Girl

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Baby, Where Did Our Love Go?

Couldn't resist it. The joke works so well it happened in the car and that set me off on one gigglefest. Got home, made it. Same song pretty much. I apologise in advance for what this will do to you!

Justin Bieber vs Diana Ross and the Supremes.

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I Want Single Ladies

The Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back" vs Beyoncé - "Single Ladies"

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Breaking My Flute

The Killers - "Somebody Told Me" vs Herbie Mann - "Hang On I'm Comin' (Edit)"

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Bachelor Pad Love Shack

The B52s - "Love Shack" vs Fantastic Plastic Machine - "Bachelor Pad (F.P.M Edit)"

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AC/DC - "Back In Black" vs Kelis - "Milkshake"

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Destineeees Child

Deeelite - "Groove Is In The Heart" vs Destiny's Child - "Bootilicious"

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Regimented Work Out

David Byrne & Brian Eno - "Regiment" vs Beyonce - "Work It Out"

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Grandmaster Flash - "The Message" vs The Jungle Book (OST) - "Colonel Hathi's March" vs The Jungle Book (OST) - "I Wanna Be Like You" vs S.L Troopers - "Movement" vs Björk "So Broken (DJ Krush Mix)"

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Only (Bingo Starr's JB Mashup Mix)

Nine Inch Nails - "Only" vs The JB's (Feat. Maxxi) - "Just Wanna Make You Dance (pt.1)" vs James Brown & The JB's - "Funky Men"

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Horny As In A Morning Sunrise

Mousse T - "Horny" vs Charlie Palmieri - "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise"

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Björk - "Hyperballad" vs Múm - "Grasi Vaxin Göng"

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Where Is Your Jive Selecta? (Edit)

Extracted and edited from "Bingo Starr! Presents... Back Door Beauty?"

2 Bad Mice - "Bombscare" vs Brian Wilson - "(Studio Outtake)" vs George Michael - "Jive Talkin'" vs Betty Boo - "Where Are You Baby?" vs Cylob - "Rewind" vs The Artful Dodger (Feat. Craig David) - "Re Rewind" vs The Ambassadors Of Funk - "Supermarioland"

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Spice Up Your Stripes

The Spice Girls - "Spice Up Your Stripes" vs The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army" vs Busta Rhymes - "Woohah!"

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Harder, Better, Faster, Blonder

Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" vs Blondie - "Atomic" vs Britney Spears - "Oops, I Did It Again!"

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Jumpin' Jumpin'

Destiny's Child - "Jumpin' Jumpin'" vs Queens Of The Stone Age - "First It Giveth"

[Updated: 2006-10-26]

This Mashup has now been remastered... the previous version that was here was way too quiet. If you downloaded this track before, delete it and download it again! ;-)

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Our Gang! (Original Von Trapp Ending)

jacko vs glitter

Michael Jackson - "Bad" vs Gary Glitter - "Doing Alright With The Boys" vs Michael Jackson - "Beat It" vs Gary Glitter - "Rock 'n' Roll Part 2" vs Dan Truhitte And Charmian Carr (Sound Of Music OST) - "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" vs Gary Glitter - "I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am)" vs Julie Andrews And The Children (Sound Of Music OST) - "Do-Re-Mi" vs The Children (Sound Of Music OST) - "So Long, Farewell"

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Mouth's Cradle (Bingo Starr's Old Time Bar Brawl Benefit Bash)

Björk - "Mouth's Cradle" vs Roy Budd - "On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)" vs Paraffin Jack Flash - "Blue 'n' Groovy"

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My Robot Madonna

Les Rhythms Digitales - "Jaques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)" vs Madonna - "Music" vs Britney Spears - "Toxic" vs Herbie Hancock - "Rockit'" vs Duran Duran - "The Reflex"

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Jacko's Alive (Oh Yeah!)

The Beastie Boys - "Alive" vs Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" vs Daft Punk - "Oh Yeah!" vs Sub Sub (Featuring Melanie Williams) - "Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)"

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Freakin' In St Tropez

Brigitte Bardot - "St. Tropez" vs Missy Elliott "Get Ur Freak On"

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Let's Get This Dance Party Started!

David Bowie "Let's Dance" vs Pink "Get This Party Started" vs Justin Timberlake "Rock Your Body"

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Block Rockin' Tori

Tori Amos "Professional Widow" vs The Chemical Brothers "Block Rockin' Beats"

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