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Copyright Disclaimer

Most of the audio files for download on this website contain copyright material. No profit has been made by making these arrangements available. If you are the copyright owner of material contained within the site, or are a representative of a copyright owner, and disagree with the use of your copyright material, please contact a representative of Bingo Starr! at the email address above and the offending material will be removed from the site immediately.

Mailing List

If you want to be kept updated with everything happening in the land of Bingo Starr!, send an email to the address above with the subject line "join mailing list".Promise no junk, just updates of uploads and events.

B&P Offer

If you do not have the ability to download the lossless files on the site (eg Bingo Starr! Presents... Back Door Beauty?) CD's are available for free via B&P:

UK - 1:1
Europe - approx. 2:1
Outside Europe - approx. 3:1

If you don't know what a B&P is, then there's an over the top description here! The number of blanks quoted above are provisional, if you live somewhere that is expensive to post to, the ratio will be enough to cover the cost of postage.

To arrange a B&P, email Bingo Starr! at the address above, with the subject line "B&P Request". To make the process easier please be clear about where you live and what you want to receive.

Note: no profit is made from the cds. The blanks cover return postage outside of the uk only.